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Gotham Gastroenterology Telemedicine Visit (Televisit) Installation Instructions
1. If you are already registered with Gotham Gastroenterology review the inbox/spam box of
the email account you provided to our office for an email with the subject Line: “Message
from your doctor’s office”.
2. Download and or Launch the Healow application to your smartphone or desktop computer
using the links provided. If you cannot find your email use the following links:
Desktop Browser
• If you are not already registered as a patient at Gotham Gastro click on the following link
and once opened click on Pre-register (found in the bottom right corner next to “Would
you like to join our practice?”). This should help get your new patient enrollment started.
3. Once the application is installed on your phone or open on your desktop web-browser log in
with your username, which is the email address provided to our practice.
• You may be asked to reset your password and verify your account with your date of
• If prompted for practice code use: JGAHBD
• Select your practice location (Office 611, 604, or 123 William Street) and provider.
o If your provider is not listed under a specific location change location.

Access Your Telemedicine Visit
1. Your Televisit Appointment is found in the appointments section of the Healow application/
webportal. You will receive a portal message reminder 15 minutes before your appointment.
a) Approximately 5-15 minutes before your appointment please fill out any vitals you have
self-recorded as well as the patient history form once prompted in the application.
b) Please have ready access to Wi-Fi/LAN or a stable cellular service for the duration of
the call, which will be at least 15-30 minutes long. Ensure you are in a quiet, private
c) Once you are logged in your provider will initiate the Televisit appointment. Please
allow up to a 5-minute delay from the start of your appointment time.
d) If you are disconnected or not contacted, please contact the office immediately

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